Who are we?

Quay Claims is a claims management consultancy offering an innovative range of services to insurers, Lloyd’s and London Market, reinsurers, service providers and corporate customers.

Our offering is underpinned by a wealth of personal experience, from new start-ups to managing claims departments, claims service providers, outsourcing and projects in the Company and Lloyd’s markets, together with technical, operational and fraud expertise across major insurance classes, in the UK and worldwide.

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“We’re all about relationships and teamwork; always willing to offer advice, opinions or innovation. We aim to provide adaptable solutions for every customer and their individual issues.”

Colin Hawes
Quay Claims Director

Quay Claims has the flexibility to meet your individual business philosophies and regulatory requirements through the following:


Helping you with compliance, identifying and maximising control over risk, loss, settlement and expense ratios.


Provide strategic review, targeting and quality assurance functions across a portfolio, individual cases or first line of defence on emerging claim or fraud risks.


An impartial service to assist in the selection, management and control of cover holders, service providers and external solutions.


Provide ongoing development through innovative but relevant digital, people and business opportunities in a changing claims landscape.

Claims Audit Service

Evolving with a full knowledge of your particular philosophies and procedures to meet your specific requirements, we provide an audit service that is accurate, measurable, proactive in approach and compliments existing assurance, audit process and targets.

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Fraud Loss Management

The insurance market is awash with soundbites and ever more so in the case of fraud. We remain unconvinced as to the accuracy of much of the data and figures which are used but whether they are accurate or not, it is clear that many challenges prevail.

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Management of
Service Providers

You need to ensure that your fee-spend on service providers or an outsourced function represents the very best value for money and that your relationship also gives a whole range of added benefits.

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Consultancy for
Service Providers

Our audit service can provide valuable insight from the customer’s perspective as to whether business processes are appropriate and effective to meet their demands in this hugely competitive market.

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Some of our work

We have the flexibility to meet a wide variety of clients’ individual requirements, as demonstrated by the diversity of some of our assignments.


The annual audit of all outstanding year of account claims handled by TPAs on behalf of a leading UK casualty Syndicate.


Review risk and claims performance analysis of a major corporate shipping client to improve claims frequency and defensibility.


A key part of the overall consultancy team, assisting in developing the claims business plan and establishing one of the UK’s first telematics motor insurers.


Ongoing consultancy with a leading service provider in the claims investigation and fraud sectors for sales development and delivery of innovative digital solutions.